Monthly Archives: September 2017

My experiments with meditation

I signed up for a mindfulness course earlier this year with my town’s community ed program.  It was taught by an ex-Buddhist monk.  I had read up a little on the theory by Thich Nhat Hanh and Henepola Gunaratna.  I figured I would benefit from some practical advice.  The...


Coming to America – Part 1

The Captain’s voice crackled over as the mild din in the aircraft subsided. I settled back in my seat and heaved a sigh of relief. My search for the holy grail had commenced without any major problems. The goodbyes still echoed in my mind and the images from the...



The word “memoirs” conjures up the image of a celebrity sharing personal anecdotes and stories that make for interesting reading.  I am neither a celebrity nor do I have any interesting anecdotes.  Yes, dear reader, if you stumbled across this blog….this is a blog about nothing!  But, if you...