Married to my High School

“Don’t expect me to get married to my High School!”, said my daughter in a moment of teenage angst.  “Why do you like your school so much anyway?” Why Indeed? Could it have been that imposing building that I beheld in awe as I entered its portals the very...


Be Prepared

As a young boy, my imagination was fueled by books such as “Robinson Crusoe”, “The Coral Island” and “The Swiss Family Robinson”.  I was consumed by the sense of adventure and mystery that these books evoked.  Many a lazy summer afternoon was spent dreaming of navigating the Amazon on...


The Ties that Bind

On my recent trip home, a good friend of mine who was a classmate in high school presented me with a necktie.  This was no ordinary tie, it was the tie that we wore on special occasions when I was in high school.  In keeping with my school’s colors,...