Introducing Trivia by Average Joe

Here is a shameless plug for a new section on trivia on my blog. I have always been interested in trivia, a trait that stood me in good stead during my quizzing days in High School. Over the years, I have had some fascinating conversations with my brother, my cousin Bakin (the king of quizzers) and friends like Navdeep and Ashish as well as my colleague from work, Corey. They all share the same love for reading as I do and are extremely knowledgable on a wide variety of topics. I end each conversation with them having learned something new about a topic.

This trivia section was actually suggested by Ashish and his suggestion was to post a bit of trivia each day.  I don’t think I can maintain that cadence, I will most likely post once a week. I suspect the initial few postings will be on trivia related to old Hindi film songs but I do plan to touch on other topics. I’m maintaining a separate section since I’m afraid that this might not appeal to my usual readers and I would like to keep my writing separate from the trivia.

Most of my audience comes from friends following my posts on Facebook or from people who receive forwards of my posts.  A tiny segment comes from recipients of an email that I send when I post a blog.  Facebook syndicates my posts only to a subset of my friends. If you are interested in receiving an email when I post, please be sure to sign up for the newsletter.  I have separate signups for the trivia section and the blog. Sign up widgets are displayed in the right sidebar.  You will not receive spam from me and you can always opt-out anytime.

So without further ado, here is a link to “Trivia by Average Joe”.

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