Coming to America – Part 2

“There are a few things to remember in this country”, said my cousin.  We were walking along the banks of the Mississippi.  I had risen in the morning, the effects of jet lag if any, didn’t show on me.  We had an omelet for brunch.  The onion, that I sliced, looked intimidating.  I had never seen one so big in my…

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A Heritage Walk Through Amritsar

“This walk will focus on the humble dwellings of Amritsar but it will showcase its heritage and culture,” said our guide, Gurinder Singh Johal.  We were standing in front of the imposing Town Hall, a Colonial building designed to project the might of the British Empire.  “Look at me, I’m strong, says this building,” said Mr. Johal and continued “however it is…

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History, Travel

Pul Kanjri

What would you do if you were an all-powerful ruler and your favorite dancer was upset that she lost one of her silver slippers while fording a canal? You would build a bridge of course!  The ruler was the Lion of Punjab – Ranjit Singh, the dancer was called Moran and the place where the bridge was built is Pul Kanjari,…

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Family & Friends

Lessons from my Father

  “You have no idea how easy you have it, back in my time…”.  Chances are that if you are a parent, you have uttered these words before.  I have and I don’t know about you, but when I start a sentence with anything remotely like this, my teenaged daughter gets this glazed look in her eyes and she zones…

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