The Ties that Bind

On my recent trip home, a good friend of mine who was a classmate in high school presented me with a necktie.  This was no ordinary tie, it was the tie that we wore on special occasions when I was in high school.  In keeping with my school’s colors, it has alternating stripes of navy blue and white.  While this…

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History, Music

The Lonely Mughal

  As a subject in high school, History was a seemingly limitless study of various dynasties of yore.  The lessons focussed largely on dates of events, conquests, administrative reforms and either largesses or depredations of the ruler in question.  The Mughal dynasty, given its prominence, spanned a few chapters.  Akbar enjoyed the lion’s share followed by Babur and Aurangzeb.  A footnote…

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Coming to America – Part 3

Hari was at the station to pick me up.  Wait there were three others.  Brief, quick introductions – Bipin, Vish and Manish.  Bipin and Hari, my new roommates, walked home in the rain, while I settled myself at the rear of Manish’s 2 door sedan with my luggage.  A very short drive and I found myself making my way up…

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Family & Friends


We were introduced by a mutual friend in the bus on my way to school.  I was probably in 8th grade and the boy introduced to me shook hands with a firm handshake.  He was alert, fit and the corners of his mouth appeared as if they would break into a ready smile at the smallest pretext.  He held a…

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