There is more to that song

The radio would always be on at home when I was growing up.  It would start at around 6:30 am with Vividh Bharathi and would then switch to Radio Ceylon at 7:30 am and that program would culminate with the signature Saigal number at 8 am.  It would then switch back and forth between the two stations through the day…

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Ganesha Habba

Long before Facebook, Tumblr and blogs. Long before Netscape Navigator and IE, there were Usenet groups and harried students trying to finish up their theses. I used to frequent alt.culture.karnataka (ACK) and this was my contribution to the “Bangalore: A Nostalgic Perspective” thread. I had posted this in June 1994.  These were my recollections of how we used to celebrate…

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